About us

About us

Active for small and medium sized businesses since 1996

Our recruitment and management business was founded in January 2006. Since then we have advised and supported small and medium-sized businesses, predominantly in their search and selection of new staff. From the highly qualified specialist to the managing director.
With longstanding activities in the consultancy business, we have developed a close and trustful network and have acquired profound inside knowledge in several industry fields.
Our active membership in the registered Federal Association of German Corporate Consultants BDU is a guarantee that we are always keeping up with the times.
With regard to our branch, we may say that the active membership in the BDU is a strong guarantee that we are always keeping up with the times.
We act according to the Principles of proper and qualified personnel consultancy GoPB, in whose elaboration we took part in the course of BDU trade association’s ‘recruitment consultancies’.

Branches, of which we have extensive knowledge

It is a matter of course that we accept only orders we can execute in a professional way. During the 20 years of our existence, we have successfully managed numerous consulting mandates, predominantly in the ‘audio, automotive, energy, financial service providers, IT, consumer electronics, machine engineering, and telecommunication’ fields.

Recruitment Consultancy is a Matter of Trust

We think that dealing in an open and trustful manner is an important prerequisite for a successful course of action. This applies to candidates as well as to clients. Here, we always act in the interest of our clients.

Lack of specialists in Germany

In 2002 we recruited the very first green card holder for an employer in Fuerth. By taking advantage of our national and international networks, we can heed the special demands of new employees from countries outside Europe. When cooperating with the authorities, we are keen on making use of our international experience and on leveraging our expertise.

Membership in the BDU and cooperation in the trade association „Recruitment Consultancies“

Membership in the BDU is a distinguishing mark of a reputable, reliable and competent partner. Members of the BDU acknowledge BDU Berufsgrundsätze and fulfil comprehensive preconditions indispensable to that membeship.We have been a member since 2004, and thereby one of the 74 BDU recruitment consultancies recognized throughout Germany.
By constantly improving our quality standards, in 2010 we became a Personalberater CERC/BDU (Certified Executive Recruitment Consultant) of the BDU. In Germany, the exclusive rights for this certification were given to the BDU by the European Confederation of Search & Selection Associations ECSSA.
Throughout Germany, no more than 55 recruitment consultants have been attributed this certificate, which enables to hold this internationally recognized title.

Our employees

Below is a list of employees (m/f) who have gained a broad experience in consulting, research, and project assistance. Depending on the projects, we occasionally call for external researchers, with whom we have been working together successfully and in a very confidential way for more than ten years.

Rohrbach Personal- und Unternehmensberatung

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